These development projects are generally small and simple plugins that extend the functionality available in the base ClearCanvas framework. Please note that these plugins have not been rigorously tested, so do not use them in clinical environments.

Viewer EXtended Suite

  • Color Maps
    This plugin adds implementations of common color maps to the standard DICOM
    image viewer functionality. Simply right click on a monochrome image and pick
    from the Color Maps submenu.
  • File Operations
    This plugin adds open file/directory actions to the File menu, as well as load
    and save DICOM presentation state actions. The Open File dialog supports
    regular DICOM images as well as DICOMDIR files.

Developer Productivity Suite

  • DevTools
    This plugin adds a number of handy debugging tools for Workstation plugin developers. Includes a command history browser, log monitors, useful folder shortcuts, and more.

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