Older Links

  • AnimeNewsNetwork
    An excellent source for anime news as well as a comprehensive, user-contributed anime titles database along with synopses and reviews.
  • AnimeNfo
    A good database of anime titles along with user-submitted synopses and reviews.
Event Homepages
Online Multiplayer Games
  • AnsibleMOO
    A fun and popular MUD for fans of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.
  • Astaria
    A popular medieval-fantasy themed MUD
  • Continuum
    A popular, fast paced, overhead view-style "tank" game (sort of like NetMaze, except with way better graphics)
  • Earth: 2050
    A browser-based game of world domination.
  • GunBound
    A popular side-scrolling "tank" game (much like Scorched Earth) with cute graphics and purchasable avatars (using cash or gold that you earn in the game).
  • Utopia
    A browser-based game of medieval world domination.
Personal Sites
  • The Fires Within
    My good friend Sahab’s website.
  • Warp 0
    My former website, now sitting deprecated. I’m slowing movings things over here. Some cool things are still only available there, like the Star Trek ships database and the wallpaper collection which I will not be moving. The ships database
    is best viewed
Professional Organizations
University Related
  • Chlorofrosh 2004
    Website for the Chlorophyll Frosh Group for Engineering Frosh Week 2004 (Sept. 6-10, 2004)!
  • Sexecute!
    Class website for the UW 08th Comp Engineers, 8-Stream
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