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Activity for the incredibly bored

I read this article on the National Geographic News website reporting about how an ancient, pre-Stonehenge complex was found by "crop circles" caused by the buried structures interfering with crop growth. It piqued my interest, and maybe because I was particularly bored, since I then decided I wanted to take a look at it. That is, through the virtualization made possible thanks to GooEarth. Unfortunately, the article did not identify the location of the find in any conclusive terms, much less give actual latitude and longitude, and so I set out to find it using nothing by GooEarth and what clues were dropped in the article. This is possible, of course, since the "crop circles" were not actual crop circles (which would last only a matter of months) but instead would’ve always been visible there for the past 6000 or so years, if only someone had been looking.

Long story short, I found it, and if you’re interested and have 30-60 mins or so, go looking for it. The article gives you all the clues you need, but I’ve left a few hints below in ROT-13, if anyone should require them. No one will know.

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