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I guess the mystery of the er ad campaign was finally revealed today.

For the past few weeks (month?) the TTC system has been decorated with a massive ad campaign consisting of the lone two blue letters "er" against a plain white background, sometimes accompanied by apparently random, larger blue shapes. More than once I have stepped onto a train and had nothing to stare at except such ads in place of the usual assortment.

I had long suspected that the larger shapes were portions of letters, with the corner shape being a D or something. But with very little to go on, it was impossible to guess at what exactly the whole thing was, and I could only guess as to what special date was to be the trigger for when the ads in their entirety would be revealed.

Until today, when I realized what the ad campaign was about halfway through watching the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games 12 hours after the fact. During a commercial break. When an advertisement for Bell (which was also the first one during every commercial break on the CBC) came up and I noticed the new slogan ended in the word "better", in pretty much exactly the same style.

And there you have it. The corner shape is the lower corner of a B, the straight lines are lower case Ls, and the round one is the lower part of the e. An effective campaign too, since after confusing subway riders for the past month, everyone will remember the word "better" and the company that placed those confuddling ads.