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Ring Day

The day went like this.

ECE Breakfast and Class "Visits"
Members of the ECE graduating classes were invited to a breakfast at the Bomber Pub. This was also to be the launchpad from whence the parade would start. See, there’s this tradition that, on the day of the Iron Ring (Ceremony/Stag) the graduating class dresses up in goofy costumes (Trons came as a bunch of robots, the other Comps came as butterflies, and the Elecs and our Comps came as an assorted bunch of things, from truckers to top-hat-wearing-rich-bastard-wielding-a-cane-with-a-giant-diamond-as-the-handle) and disrupt visit past professor’s lower year classes, and sometimes even upper year classes. Of course, this is complete with some pre-drinking, so essentially there was a mass of drunken, loud and rowdy students stumbling from one building to the next, breaking into classes. It’s interesting to note that the leaders do plan it, and permission had been sought and obtained from the classes being visited – hence there was an actual schedule of classes to visit and when. However, there are often midterms in classrooms beside such classes, and hence a lot of other profs (especially other departments) came out to complain of the noise, see a bunch of butterflies and (semi-) naked guys, and freak out that the school is being pranked or something. The other problem is that class visits don’t take much time – you walk in, teach some silly things to lower years (like V=IR and "robotics is cool"), and you’re out. With only 3 or 4 classes scheduled per hour, they run out of things to do quickly, and so the mass starts saying things like "let’s go the 1st floor of RCH, there’s GOTTA BE a first year class there!" Also, there were multiple parades, so some classes were distrupted more than once. Additionally, the SYDEs decked the SYDE wing in E2 with streamers, balloons, and inflatable pools filled with water. By noon, this was a complete disaster zone, although to someone’s credit it was completely cleaned up by 2pm. RCH also suffered something similar, having been plastered with happy face posters (from doors to windows, all covered), but which ended the day on the ground in growing heaps of discarded costumes and posters.

Iron Ring Ceremony
I was ringed.

Iron Ring Stag.
Not much to say here either. Other than I touched the TOOL.