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Longest day in a long time.

It started at 6 AM. That was when we woke up. It was also the last time I would be sitting down for a while.
By 6:30 we were dressed and ready to leave with a chest containing our design project.
On the way to the venue for the symposium, we crossed the path of a black cat. Interesting.
7, we were there, at our booth, setting up.
7:30, we pounced on the Tim Horton’s shortly after it opened for coffees and bagels.
By 8, the symposium has started.
At this point we gave our first explanations of our project to interested folk wandering through the DC.
Over the rest of the day we would refine this explanation to be more detailed by noon, and eventually to be skimmed down so that we would talk less by night.
Of course, we pulled the full presentation for anyone with a clipboard. By the end of the day, we have served over 100 interested folk.
I was on hand for the explanations for one of the two markers, for the evaluation team finding a project to award a big prize to, and for talking with assorted professors, including ECON 102 prof Larry Smith (he was apparently drawn to our project because of the word "affordable" in our poster, and the discussion thereafter pretty much focused on the economical aspects of such a project and its implications on the economy.)
At noon, we had lunch in shifts. I had a chance to sit down for about 10 minutes here.
At 6, we had dinner in shifts. I also had another chance to sit down and eat for about 20 minutes here.
Shortly after the symposium officially closed at 8 PM, I was still giving another explanation (even with half the project already taken down).

In short, I am incredibly exhausted, and if none of this made any structural sense, that’s because I aren’t either.