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Going to that place in the sky where websites go after they…

Seems the website of the SchoolNet Youth Advisory Board has gone the way of the dinosaur. Probably because Industry Canada neglected to renew the domain. Not that this comes as a surprise… The group became inactive shortly after the last conference in 2003, when the people in charge at SchoolNet (an initiative of Industry Canada) realized that their own jobs were in jeopardy due to the looming changes in leadership – namely, the coming of Prime Minister Martin and the ministry shuffling that was bound to, and did, happen. They left to go on to better endeavours. Since then, the SYAB website hasn’t been updated at all, and the founding principles haven’t been executed, namely the selection of new members to replace the graduating ones, of which there were many that year, myself included. At least the website has been captured on the Way Back Machine, the Internet’s version of a time portal.

So long,

Hmm, I wonder if the board is on Facebook?

Edit: Actually, the domain wasn’t not renewed – it’s still valid until March 25, 2010. It looks like they just took the server down or took it out of their DNS servers, that’s all.