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Sky, Meteor, Internet

The sky here is weird sometimes. I first noticed it a few weeks ago. It seems that, late at night (around 2 AM), the sky has a habit of turning bright orange. It feels most odd when I turn out the lights (you know, to go to sleep) and the window is lit up like the sky is on fire, or perhaps even that Meteor of FFVII is looming. Either way, it’s about as unreal as Meteor gets (I mean, if that rock was as big as it looked in the sky, yet took that long to reach sea level, it’s either as big as Planet itself and really far away, or defying gravity and travelling at a snail’s pace).

Speaking of molluscs, Internet here is ridiculously slugish. We have an 8 Mbps cable shared between us and the guys in the unit downstairs, and the router and cable modem are physically located downstairs. It seems that the guys downstairs are also running a hideous amount of P2P. Either that, or the street itself is running a hideous amount of P2P. Either way, we’re left with a connection that’s crawling at the best of times, and just plain dead at other times. A 56 kbps phone line modem is faster and more reliable than this junk. Wish I had access to the router interface so that I could activate some QoS or traffic shaping features. Fortunately, I’m not paying for it.

Regardless, I’d still like to be able to play an Internet game every now and then. I’ve been kicked and/or banned from 15 different servers on 6 different games =D