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Morning massacre


While using the washroom this morning, I happened to lookup and see a small spider measuring about 2mm by 2mm. It was white, sorta translucent, and… what, ho! There’s a second! A third! And a fifth! And a tenth…

I seems I had inadvertently stumbled across a spider egg sac that had probably just hatched last night or early this morning. The broodlings were all scattered across the ceiling of the washroom, and I noticed a trend of increasing size radiating outward from a particular corner of the ceiling. Some of them had even started playing/practising with webs, as they started there first foray into webslinging, just as Peter Parker once did.

Well, no sense saving them all – they’re so small and so numerous, it’s practically impossible to transport them all outside.

Let the massacre begin.

Armed with my trusty 2-ply toilet paper, I set about systematically cordoning off the spiders and eliminating them, slowly working my way inwards to the central brood. It was almost like a game of search and destroy in a RTS – there were spiders clustered around guard stations, forward scouts on the move via web, and escaping messengers attempting to warn the others – and they all needed to be nullified.

In the end, the final carapace count amounted to some 56 – this is more spiders than I’d normally find in a year, let alone a single day.

Edit: Make that 57. You know how, in the end, there was always one guy that was overlooked and ends up coming back to make an assassination attempt? It seems one of the lil’ guys hitched a ride on my hat and was attempting to, uh, get revenge by repelling down my hat with his/her web.