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Finals and Hiigara

Finals… two down, three to go.

So in the extra tutorial session on Wednesday, Gary the TA told us what
topics of ECE 316 to focus on for the final.  Even added that, as an
undergrad, he always had a pretty good record for predicting exam questions.

Well, his streak ended today.

I had spent pretty much all of the previous night studying and reviewing the
highlighted topics, sleeping only 1.5 hours before the exam at 0900.  And
then, to my (and the class’) dismay, we read the first question and breathed a
collective sigh of despair.  Out of five questions, two covered material
that we spent only two lectures on (and thus, as would’ve been the case with
just about any other course, would have weighed very little on a final exam). 
Not even one of the ones that Gary predicted were on the exam.  Usually TAs
have a pretty good sense, even at least for one or two questions, but this time
the predictions were completely off.  Guess this is the last time I bet on
any TAs’ forecasts…

Grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed over to see a potential
accommodation for the Fall term.  It’s a tad far, and the basement suite
doesn’t look exactly clean.  The upstairs suite looked fine, however, and
as such we might just settle for that, given the current shortage of suitable
prospects.  Got a haircut too on my way back.

Finally finished the single player campaign for Homeworld… I’d been wanting
to see what the rest of the story was, but had just never gotten around to it. 
In truth, every previous time I had played it, I had gotten stuck at mission 14
where I’m faced with the task of destroying a hyperspace inhibitor at the center
of a large sphere of frigates, capital ships, and worse (Think Formic battles at
the end of Ender’s Game, except I don’t have an MD weapon).  So I
cheated… I downloaded a trainer and used it to override the ship limits… a
lot more than the game normally allows you.  By the last mission, I had
some 15 heavy cruisers, 64 ion cannon destroyers and missile destroyers, and
well over 100 ion cannon frigates and assault frigates (in contrast, the normal
limits are 3 cruisers, 6 destroyers and 18 frigates).  The Emperor’s
mothership went down within 13 seconds of being targetted by my fleet.  The
only reason the last mission took 30 minutes was because the Emperor’s
mothership was so far away, and you cannot jump in campaign missions.

The game has a pretty cool storyline, and the gameplay and graphics is
awesome.  There’s a reason why it was Game of the Year 1999.

The word of the day is "Hiigara"