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A likely story.

I was feeling kind of depressed and lonely today since both my roommates were
fighting each other in
Eternal Fighter Zero.
Laughter can sometimes be irritable when you’re not a part of it, and this was
one of those times. So I’m in my room, re-reading Ender’s Game for what seems to
be the hundredth time, being all depressed, when suddenly, as if by the will of
an omnipresent scam-happy deity, I received an ICQ message from 154682175.

Please, help me!
Are necessary money for operation, at me sick heart.
I from Russia. My parents already have sold all, has remained only
Computer that I could play. I very much ask your help, are necessary money.
Very much I hope for your help! Without operation I needed to live 2 months,
do not allow me to die, I wish to live!

my e-gold account 2897110
my e-mail: wsch@bk.r

And this cheered me up.

A little.

At least he (or she?) makes an attempt to address the potentially confusing
business about selling everything but the family computer.