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Bell is the sux0r…

…when it comes to cancelling accounts.

I recently received a bill for Bell phone and DSL service to the Albert St. house for periods starting Sept 12. I, of course, no longer inhabit that house, and had cancelled those accounts way back on August 14.

Bell wants to charge me $30.80 for the period of time from September 13 to October 12. Apparently, they don’t have a record of me cancelling my account. I’m already paying nearly an extra month because the "customer assistance representative" I talked to back then told me they wouldn’t pro-rate the last month. Of course, there is no proof that conversation ever took place – no proof that I asked for a cancellation at all. I argued with Bell’s office today, and they said they will put in a cancel order effective immediately (which means tomorrow around 0230 hours) and will pro-rate the few days since the last bill date.

For Sympatico, it’s even more ridiculous. Again, they had refused to pro-rate the last month. So fine. Except insteading of ending there, they are also billing me for the day after the supposed disconnect day – for service as well as modem rental. This time, however, I have a modem return confirmation form, dated August 21st, so they can’t dispute the fact that I haven’t used their modem on September 12. Sympatico will clear the charges for this.

So, the lesson here is – when you cancel, make sure to get a tracking number.