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So I wanted to check to see if the university received my e-transfer for tuition fees. Load Firefox. Select QUEST bookmark. Click LOGIN. Greeted by “Come back during scheduled availability hours” message… wait a sec… today is Sunday, and QUEST is available noon to midnight, and it’s currently two minutes past 10 post meridiem. And my friend Jon now tells me that it’s down for maintenance, maintenance that’s supposed to have ended at 20:00 tonight. That’s QUEST for you.

I made an interesting discovery today. I was re-installing one of the computers at home here (I did a little shuffling) and found a pin-out diagram in the motherboard manual. Now, this is an old computer – it’s a Pentium 133 running Win98SE and the motherboard’s got 4 ISA and 3 PCI – so the equipment is at least a decade old. Imagine when, to my surprise, I discovered a USB 8-pin internal header pinout-diagram in the manual. Ahh, but fate must be conspiring against me… there are no available chassis bracket slots or drive bays. Oh well, I don’t actually need any USB devices on that machine anyway. (Incidentally, this is similar how, about two years ago, I discovered that the same computer has an internal PS/2 header)

Mmm… hectic week up ahead. I end work Friday. Sunday, I move back to Waterloo. Monday, classes start. My boss at the GTAA has offered to re-employ me for the Fall 05 work term, and I have accepted. We’re aiming to finish a major project by the end of the year, and we haven’t quite decided if it’s possible or not.

Quote of the Day: Behind every fauly computer is a faulty human(s)

The word of the day is "QUEST!!!"