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Of Midterms and Yatta.

I had a fair amount of time to review the marterial for the organizational behaviour midterm, so I felt confident coming out of that one. Mind you, the content wasn’t that difficult in the first place, and it was of the in-class essay type. I also had all weekend to review for the calculus midterm. Again, the nature of the exam didn’t make it that daunting a task in the first place — afterall, it consisted of four questions of which three were from assignments and only the last was a surprise. And then between Monday and today, I had an extra day to prepare for the digital circuits midterm, yet another one to which I did not predict much problems with. The concern lies with the two upcoming midterms — electronic properties of materials, and data structures and algorithms, which occur Thursday and Friday respectively, such that there is precisely 22 hours between the each and the previous. These are also the subjects where there is reason to be afraid… the class seems to be lost in materials, and previous midterms of the algorithms course show afinity for questions which deal with custom, specific methods from lecture slides which aren’t even part of standard Java.

On the other hand, my technical report cleared content marking today, and I now officially have a very good on my first report (which was much more than I had been expecting). Unfortunately, celebrations will have to wait until the weekend… two down and three to go.