Oh, what new l0ws we have sunk to.

I was kind of dismayed to find out that M-W’s word of the year is w00t spelled with zeros. Previously, I’ve always thought that English words, by strict definition, are groups of letters to which a meaning can be assigned, not alphanumeric digits. New words arise all the time, but w00t isn’t just a new word, it actually extends the English language beyond the alphabet. You know what this means… w00t isn’t just word of the year, it’s actually in a separate language.
End Rant.

Edit: No, I did not read the second page of the article. I thought the article was referring to word of the year in English. Apparently the list was for word of the year in any language, which would legitimately include w00t without making any comment as to its membership in English. So, I present a side rant instead.

Side Rant:
The popularity of English is part of the reason why it has degenerated so much.
With the spread of English as a the dominant language on the Internet (not to mention as a de facto international default), the number of ESL speakers and writers is on the rise (face it – the most widespread first language is not English – heck, most sources indicate Mandarin Chinese is the most widespread language on the planet as of the current decade). The spread of the Internet coupled with the pervasiveness of English has resulted in one unfortunate side effect – too many people not properly educated in English. People who can’t tell its from it’s, who say would of when they mean would’ve (and all the other forms – could of, should of…)
End Side Rant.

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