It was already dark as the train pulled in to Davisville Station. I was staring mindlessly out the window (I was playing DQIX, but it was one of those single button fights) when something different appeared. Something… new. The train yard at Davisville is typically full of many train cars, but this one was special somehow. Looking at it head on, it was the lights that first caught my attention. The bright white LED headlights, the train’s destination spelled out in orange LEDs. A body made of shiny, polished steel. Blue LEDs adorning the sides. Inside, the interior lights were on, illuminating the subway ads inside. Clean, black accordion sections joining consecutive cars. The new train was just… beautiful.

Speaking of trains… GO announced that it will be putting in train service to K/W starting next year. Gee, that (and the bus service that they put in last year) could’ve been helpful before I graduated.

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  1. Alex says:

    Maybe it was a… ghost train!?