ClearCanvas Plugins

In the regular course of developing for the Viewer part of the ClearCanvas Workstation, I create all kinds of odd tools useful for debugging. Some of them, with a little massaging, could make even make a nice plugin. I have thus collected the best of those snippets, written some additional material in my spare time, and will thus release them as community plugins. These plugins are unsupported and not particularly tested with any rigourousness, but maybe they’ll be of use to some researcher somewhere.

The first set of plugins I’m releasing here is the ViewerEX set of plugins (EX as in EXtensions, Extended, and ‘Cool’). Currently, this includes exposing some color map support and adding various open file commands to the File menu. It also, coincidentally, adds some DICOMDIR support which you may have noticed that the standard viewer does not open.

The plugins are released under a New BSD license. You’ll be able to find links to download the binaries on the plugin pages, and the source code is available via Subversion.

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